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EasyDial Athlete Partners

EasyDial Athlete Partners

Alessandro and Thomas have achieved great things and are encouraging EasyDial to follow in their footsteps. We are honored to the endorsement of these amazing athletes.

EasyDial Device

The Revolutionary Hemodialysis Home Treatment Device

EasyDial™ HDBS-1 is a portable, innovative, patient-friendly, state-of-the-art hemodialysis machine, designed to be operated by the patient that will provide more consistent and improved results in less time, in the clinical settings or in the patient's home environment. All this is achieved not by re-inventing hemodialysis, but by re-imagining and improving it to satisfy the patients' needs.

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The 88th Medical Group’s Nephrology clinic offers evaluation and treatment of renal (kidney) diseases. The most common conditions patients are seen for at the clinic are chronic kidney disease, elevated creatinine, acute …

EasyDial: EVENT

“In Bristol Children’s Hospital, we are in talks on a project on the Renal and Urology Ward, where children go for Kidney Dialysis. We want to refurbish parts of the ward to make it child-friendly, including the …